To keep our schools running and to find the funds for new projects, we can rely on a fantastic, enthusiastic team. The school's principal is Paul, the founder of New Bridge. He manages a team of 15 Khmer teachers, who do their best to provide the best education! The school also has a number of partners, about whom you can find out more below!

Hi! I ‘m Paul and was born in 1981 in a family of farmers in Khouk Kpuos Village. I volunteered at NGOs and villages in rural areas. After I saw the many sad things that happened in this country, I wanted to do something to make sure that we would never go back to that again. With New Bridge Organization I hope that we can help people, to give the children a way to find peace in life, after the war that this country tore apart.

New Bridge Cambodia Partners


Project Advisor

Mrs Esther is the founder of the School of Joy and is currently an advisor and helps the school to find funding. 

Qiaoling Di-Hell

Project Development

Mrs Qiaoling is the founder of the Home of Love Gratitude to Mother school. Currently she is engaged in developing rural areas and finding new projects.

Ren Qing Pen Cuo


Ren Qing Pen Cuo is from Tibet and tries to secure funds for the Home of Love Gratitude to Mother school.

Thanking our partners