Policy for Safeguarding and Child Protection 

Our policy shows that we take the rights of children seriously and will take steps to protect them from abuse and harm.

Policy Statement:  

Our school will work with children, parents and the community to ensure the rights and safety of children and give them a good start in life. We acknowledge that all children have a right to a good start in life. We acknowledge that all children have a right to be free from abuse and exploitation. We have a zero tolerance approach to child abuse and child pornography. 


1. We will build a culture of safety in which children are protected from abuse and harm        in all areas of what we do. The member of staff who a co-ordinates child protection issue is Paul. We ensure that our staffs are trained to understand our child protection policies and procedures and those families are aware of them also. Volunteers are always supervised. We check the qualifications and identities of new staffs. We supervise visitors to our school. 

2. We will respond to all incidents or concerns about the children in our school. We understand that abuse can be physical, sexual or emotional or can be neglect. We may see this in changes in children's behavior or in what they say or in their appearance.  The teachers will report any concerns to Paul who will decide what course of action to take. We will then decide how whether we speak to the child's family or involve other agencies. We will keep a record of what has happened and what we have done. We make sure that parents know how to complain about staffs or volunteers in the school. If a member of staff or volunteer is behaving inappropriately then we will take action. 

3. We will teach our staffs how to recognize signs of abuse. We will promote personal, social and emotional development of children so that they may grow strong and develop an understanding of why and how to keep safe.  

4. We will build trusting and supportive relationships with families, staffs and     volunteers. We will continue to welcome children even if abuse is suspected and is being investigated.

5. We will recognize the best interests of the child and work to ensure that they are met at all times. 

6. We will share information about child protection with other agencies where appropriate. 

7. We will educate the children and families about the dangers of child pornography, grooming and sex trafficking. 

8. We recognize that boys and girls have equal rights. 

9. We will review our child protection policy regularly.