Volunteer Code of Conduct

I. Khmer Culture

a.       Respect the culture and values of Khmer people must be upheld at all times.

b.      Maintain, respect, and compliance of Cambodia Government laws and regulations at all times.

c.       Culturally and traditionally, Khmer dress is very conservative. Please respect this and ensure that appropriate attire is worn at the school and in the village.

        II.    Child Protection & Discrimination

  i.      Volunteers must read the Child Protection Policy of NBFCO and comply with the regulations within the policy at all times.

  ii.      Abuse of any kind toward children is not acceptable, as per organization Child Protection Policy.

  iii.      Any additional activities with children, families or communities must be approved by management.

  iv.      Discrimination or physical violence toward the fellow volunteers is not acceptable.

   v.      Wrong, false or misleading information must be not given at any time.

  vi.      Volunteer must exhibit a high level of integrity, honesty, and self-discipline at all times.

       III. Responsible Behavior

a.       A commitment to your chosen work hours must be given. If you require a day off or time for travelling, please advise the manager with as much notice as possible, so they may organize a replacement.

b.      Prior to inviting friends or visitors to New Bridge for Cambodia, please check with the manager of the school.

c.       Sale of drugs or taking of drugs within the organization is unacceptable.

d.      Smoking in the classroom or schoolyard is not acceptable.

e.       Instruction of business of any kind for self-gain within the organization is unacceptable.

       IV. Donations

1.      All the organization’s donations must be processed through the correct channels: all raised funds must be forwarded by one of the organization’s website, or presented to the Organization Manager, where you will be issued with a receipt from our Account Dept.

2.      No volunteers in any apartments shall personally accept, manage or use donations as they see fit. The above mentioned protocol must be followed at all times.

3.      Whilst New Bridge for Cambodia Organization (NBFCO) will endeavor to direct donated funds to the area of the donor’s choice, please understand that NBFCO holds the right to direct funds to the areas in most urgent need at any time.

4.      Any support, sponsorship of staff, teachers, students or families must be authorized by the Manager of NBFCO.

       V.    System on Ground

a.       Volunteers must operate within existing operation or organizational systems currently in place. Any positive suggestions or ideas to improve current systems are appreciated and can be directed to the manager. Systems must not be changed without prior approval form management.

b.      Khmer staff and teachers have assigned their duties. Please respect their roles and do not deter them from completing their work.

c.       No extra-curricular activities are to be carried out within the organization without prior consent from management.

d.      Volunteers must respect Khmer customary lunch and rest break period from 11 am- 2 pm weekdays. No personal or work demands are to be placed on Khmer staff or teachers during this period.

e.       Please do not request Khmer staff or teachers to be your tour guide during the time off.  Tours can be organized with the manager through our Tour Office.

f.       Care and Correct use of the organization’s property is required at all times.