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2016 July - Dec

2016 Jan - June

November 2018

Helge & friends andMarvin bought chicken, rice and vegetables. We brought this to the Home of Love school where we fed 68 children from the surrounding villages. We are very grateful for the donations!

October 2018

In October we continued running our outreach program, this time providing basic medical supplies to some villagers. Social worker Irene has also joined the school, she will stay a total of 4 months! We are very happy that she is here! 

February 2018

We started running a continuous program focusing on getting most disadvantaged children back to school. We helped children from handicapped community in Angkor Krav. We provided the children with free school supplies and transport to the school. 

October 2017

In October we ran several food programs in community neighborhoods. With the help of funds we were able to provide meals to the poorest families in the areas. 

July 2017

In July we built and painted a wall and installed a water drainage at the School of Joy. This was possible due to two very generous donations by Natalie and Femke from the Netherlands. Now the kids can study in a calmer environment and the school is protected from flooding.

We also built concrete floors and a roof at the Home of Love. Now the children and teachers can stay for lunch and relaxation at the school during the lunch break. Moreover, we built a volleyball field for the kids. They really enjoy it.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the teachers, volunteers, donators, and friends of New Bridge for Cambodia Organization for making all of this possible.

June 2017

In June we started creating a playing field at the Home of Love where children can practice multiple sports, such as soccer, volleyball and basketball. We also build there a new water pump, with the great help of the Rogers family. Also Mr. Ong, donated electricity, tires and two fans to the Home of Love, we are very thankful to him. This week a new wall was build at the School of Joy, with money raised by Nathalie. She is one of the volunteers and donated great things, we are very grateful.

May 2017

In May we received second-handed clothes from some of our donators. The children were very happy with it and we would like to express our gratitude for this great gift. We also built 12 new water pumps. Besides, we did a lot of community work. One of things we do during the community work, is checking and helping the sick in the Mother of Love community.

April 2017

In April we started building the school at the Home of Love, with the great help of Mr. Tim from the US. We finished the school building, so the children now have a comfortable place to study. The children from the village also assisted us with project. They did some small tasks, such as gardening. We also built a house for the people in the community, which was finished as well. Besides, the children received second-handed toys, they were very happy and we are very thankful for this great gift.

March 2017

In March we updated the Home of Love school building and a new playground has been added. The old school building will be used as a new house for a poor family from Angkor Krouv village. Next to the new school building a new playground has been built with a new swing and an obstacle course with rubber tires. Thank you Becky and Bob Peterson! I like cookies

February 2017

With support from donors, we are able to provide a university scholarship to Sreyland so that she has a chance to study. Sreyland will major in accountancy and we hope that she can use this degree to her own benefit and professional development. And we hope that with her acquired knowledge she will also be able to improve our own accounting practices at the school!

Thanking our partners