What you can do

Six ways in which you can improve lives! Find out more about our programs below.


Sponsor a child's education


Sponsor a child and give them a chance to go to school

$25/month                                      More    

Sponsor a university student

Help us providing scholarships to university students working at our schools 

$550/year                                       More 

Sponsor healthcare

Support our healthcare program, in which we provide medical care to our community

$80/month                                     More   

Sponsor vocational training

Support our sewing and computer classes for young adults

$55/month                                         More

Sponsor a family

Help us support a family, providing them with education, food, medical care

$45/month                           More


Help us by raising funds, we would be more than happy to assist in any way.

$80/month                                        More

Thanking our partners